Current Classes

Cirque Art Studio

All Levels Lyra Group Class:

Thursday Nights 8-9pm

This aerial hoop class will challenge every student: beginner to advanced. This class focuses on building strength and flexibility along with learning combinations, grace, and self confidence.

(16+) Sign ups appreciated. Walk-ins allowed if space provided. 

Mixed Apparatus Aerial Class

Friday Nights 8-9pm

It's friday night come "play" on the apparatus of your choice while building strength, musicality, style, and flow.

(16+) Sign ups appreciated. Walk-ins allowed if space provided. 

Aerial Royals


From Ashley Neptune - Founder, CEO

Aerial Royals is an amazing aerial program consisting of 2 class types.

 In both classes, you get our approachable instructors plus huge excitement, encouragement and motivation to build the courage and strength needed to be an AERIAL ROYAL!" 

Many people don't feel as if they have the upper body strength to take circus classes, but it is though our aerial circuit class that students can begin their fitness journey, building the muscle to get to that next level: whatever that may be. Students are encourage to try everything, be courageous and try their best. Everyone can benefit from this workout.

Some of the best benefits of aerial arts are:

Building and strengthening muscles

Spinal decompression

Increasing flexibility

Better focus and stress relief

Build courage, stamina, and grace

BUT the best part is, it is the most FUN workout out there. I encourage everyone, regardless of where they are on their fitness journey to try it!


Aerial Circuit

Aerial Circuit is the energizing aerial circuit training that makes you feel adventurous and powerful. This is the best class to get a teaser of all the best circus apparatus'. Combining our fun aerial *toys* such as the aerial hammock, aerial hoop (aka. lyra), pole, aerial silk, and sling, heart-shaped lyra, moon lyra, mermaid net, gem, and many others! 



Aerial Dance is the adventurous dance class that makes you feel beautiful, powerful and courageous.We focus on learning amazing cirque tricks, combinations, choreography, and aspects of aerial dance. 

Teacher Training

Aerial Royal Beginner Teacher Training

If you have 6 months of aerial experience and are interested in teaching, Aerial Royals has developed a teacher training course for hopeful and current aerial instructors.

Dance/Gymnastic Studio Owners

If you are interested in setting up a training, we would LOVE to offer the Aerial Royals program at your facility!

Please contact us to set up a training for current/hopeful teachers!